merry christmas from cardens

Happy Christmas from Cardens

Happy Christmas! We will be closing our virtual office doors at lunch time today (Wednesday 23rd December) and returning at 9am on Monday 4th January 2021. Back in March I don’t think any of us thought that the Christmas holiday period would be like this. Our main aim back then was to continue to support, help and advise our clients with as little disruption as possible. And from the feedback we’ve received I think we’ve

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why should you care about capital gains tax

Should you care about Capital Gains Tax (CGT)?

Why should you care about Capital Gains Tax (CGT)? Unless you’ve sold a property or a business in the last few years, Capital Gains Tax might not have impacted you too much so far. Are most of your investments held in a pension or ISA? If so, then the good news is both are free of CGT. And even if you’ve paid some tax, rates for investment gains are pretty low at the moment compared

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boris, rainy days and sundays

Boris, Rainy days and Sundays

Thanks Boris. Yes, we’ve been here before. But last time it was a completely new experience for us all. And we had light evenings and sunny weather to take the edge off. Today, it’s grey, dark, rainy. The good old British weather is reflecting the mood of the country… It’s natural to feel anger, frustration, anxiety. But better to focus on what we can control – and what matters. It’s your choice of course, but

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Six Months Mark

It’s hard to believe we’ve passed the six months mark since we started lockdown and working from home. I’ve been reflecting on how it’s changed the way we work as individuals, and as a team. Overall, I couldn’t be happier with how quickly and effectively we’ve not just adapted but even grown over the period. Which in these challenging times is a positive for us, and I hope, our clients. For a couple of months

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covid-19 boy washing hands

Covid-19 and Stock Markets

Large falls in the Stock Markets last week reflected investors waking up to the implications of the growing spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus. It’s stating the obvious, but the coronavirus is likely to have an increasing impact on our lives for at least the next few months. If you’re an investor, you’re naturally going to feel a bit unsettled and concerned. Stock Markets hate uncertainty. The falls last week reflect the uncertainty of the potential

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