Pensions for Business Owners

Tax efficient. Flexible. Relevant

We are Brilliant Sorters of Financial Stuff

We recognise that business owners are different from employed people.
We know from experience that you don’t like plans and products because it can feel like your hard earned cash is going into a black hole. Lost for years to some faceless corporation.
Remember that a pension is just a government approved tax wrapper and it doesn’t have to be locked up in some insurance company or pension provider. With our help you can have more control and flexibility whilst staying within the rules so as to maintain all the tax advantages.


Financial Planning


Starting with your objectives and timescale, we discuss and agree what you want and need from your pension fund to achieve your objectives.

Investment Planning

Set Up

We deal with everything to set up your pension fund – you just have to sign the paperwork. We’ll also arrange to transfer other funds to consolidate if appropriate.

Pension Planning


We ensure that your pension fund is doing what you want it to – whether that’s still growing or providing you with an income (after age 55).


Although we have access to the whole market for pensions, business owners are often recommended to come to us because they’ve heard about our separate sister business, Cardens Pension Trustees Ltd.

Cardens Pension Trustees Ltd provides Professional Trustee and Scheme Administrator services to the Cardens SSAS (Small Self Administered Scheme) and the Cardens SIPP (Self Invested Personal Pension). It’s separately authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under reference 465541.

Using a ‘pure’ SSAS or a SIPP rather than an online version, opens up some more interesting planning strategies including using your pension fund to purchase a commercial property for your business to rent back.

Cardens Financial Planning
Guide to buying commercial property with your pension


Your unputdownable guide to buying commercial property with your pension fund

Click the button below to download our comprehensive guide to sourcing and buying commercial property to increase your pension fund.

Cardens Promise

All our work is backed by

The Cardens Promise:

we want to work with clients that want to work with us – so we don’t lock you in to any long term contract and you can end our agreement at any time, without penalty. We’ll only charge you for any work that we’ve done for you up to that time.

So pleased to have Hilary and her team looking after my affairs. Don’t believe I could ask for anything more.

Hilary’s advice to set up a pension fund through my business has stood the test of time and proved to be one of the best decisions of my life.

Hilary and her team are great at putting their clients at ease and take time to get to know them personally and individually

Frank, honest and trustworthy advice that factors in lifestyle. It’s good to know that if my aspirations change Cardens will be there to provide advice and help me to make changes.

We had a major success in a business venture and Hilary helped us to evaluate our needs and our life goals to help us make the right pension and investment choices.

We have been clients of Hilary, Michael and the Cardens team for over 25 years and couldn’t imagine seeing anyone else.

Refreshingly straightforward, insightful financial advice and support that helps you get unstuck and start thriving.

Effective yet simple ‘Sleep soundly’ solutions that don’t cost you a small fortune in fees and charges.

Whether your a Business Owner or individual we have the expertise and team to help you