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Effective. Simple. Consistent.

We are Brilliant Sorters of Financial Stuff

We understand that your time is spent managing and growing your business, so you don’t have the time or inclination to manage your investments.
Investing doesn’t have to be complicated. Or expensive. Over the years, we’ve found a refreshingly straightforward process that is easy to understand and effective. We call it our ‘Sleep Soundly’ solution.
We recommend it for any medium to long term investment portfolios whether the money is owned by you personally, your company or your pension fund.


Financial Planning


Starting with your objectives and timescale, we discuss and agree what you want and need from your investments to achieve your objectives.

Investment Planning


We recommend an appropriate mix of assets and funds, taking care to ensure that you feel comfortable with your portfolio.

Pension Planning


We work closely with you to ensure that your investments are regularly reviewed and that they remain suitable, making changes only with your authority.


We have a tried and tested investment philosophy developed over more than 20 years

During this time, our Investment Director, Michael Carden, has run our Investment Committee and is responsible for reviewing and researching the asset allocation and funds we recommend.

To add depth and breadth to our inhouse investment expertise, we also engage the services of an external independent research company.

Cardens Financial Planning
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All our work is backed by

The Cardens Promise:

we want to work with clients that want to work with us – so we don’t lock you in to any long term contract and you can end our agreement at any time, without penalty. We’ll only charge you for any work that we’ve done for you up to that time.

So pleased to have Hilary and her team looking after my affairs. Don’t believe I could ask for anything more.

Hilary’s advice to set up a pension fund through my business has stood the test of time and proved to be one of the best decisions of my life.

Hilary and her team are great at putting their clients at ease and take time to get to know them personally and individually

Frank, honest and trustworthy advice that factors in lifestyle. It’s good to know that if my aspirations change Cardens will be there to provide advice and help me to make changes.

We had a major success in a business venture and Hilary helped us to evaluate our needs and our life goals to help us make the right pension and investment choices.

We have been clients of Hilary, Michael and the Cardens team for over 25 years and couldn’t imagine seeing anyone else.

Refreshingly straightforward, insightful financial advice and support that helps you get unstuck and start thriving.

These are a highly tax efficient wrapper, not a product so we ensure you take full advantage of this.

Whether you're a Business Owner or individual we have the expertise and team to help you